Truth and Reconciliation Through Inquiry-based Collaborative Learning




K-12, truth and reconciliation, inquiry, secondary school, cross-curricular, project-based learning, collaboration, co-teaching


This paper overviews a project conducted at Fort St. James Secondary School in the Nechako Lakes School District, which is in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Three highschool teachers from different disciplines (Social Studies, Digital Media, and Carpentry) launched a cross-curricular inquiry-based project in partnership with local knowledge holders and School District 91, focusing on truth and reconciliation, that connected the learners in their highschool and the broader community, including knowledge holders from the local Indigenous communities. Those engaged in the project examined questions around what truth and reconciliation meant to the learners and its significance. Resulting products included a legacy wall containing individual learning represented in motifs, design of the feather using wood from around the world, and a video documentary containing interviews from school and community stakeholders. We share information on how to access the video documentary.


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